Smart content

A video library of unique clips seamlessly integrated within our monetization platform.


Our video library boasts over 10,000 unique video clips that are readily available for publishers to run in the Q.Ad video player. The in-house produced video content comes in seven different languages and covers a wide range of topics across various IAB categories.

Our contextual targeting technology CLASSIVLY allows for automatic matching of video clips with relevant content on publisher websites, ensuring optimal engagement and relevance for your audience.

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PlayMy dream job My life as Instagrams premiere cake artist
PlayThis young man masters downhill skateboarding
PlayMeet this good gang in Mexico
PlayDiscover the hidden gems of Auckland
PlayBreak a nail Queen of the tracks
PlayFrom Human to Cyborg
PlayMy Dream Job The Rollercoaster Youtuber
PlayMy Dream Job life as a Mermaid