Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a hard time remembering all the things that VLYBY can do. This page has answers to some frequently asked questions that we get from our publishers and partners.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us directly.

Is VLYBY difficult to use?

Our aim is to deliver self-service publisher solutions to simplify video advertising processes. That´s why we have made our product as intuitive and simple as possible so anyone can use it. No programmatic or technical skills are required.

How long does it take to integrate VLYBY?

Creating a VLYBY account is quick and easy. After creating an account, you need to integrate our script tag to your website and provide a test page. The complete integration, setup and approval takes less than 48 hours after creating the account. Our team of experts can help you to speed up the process.

Will VLYBY change my site?

No. VLYBY will not change your website. Our team works behind the scene. VLYBY’s priority is to help medium and large publishers optimize their monetization either with our consultancy services or a combination of machine learning, data-driven adtech products, while giving our clients total control. The decision is always yours, as you retain full control of advertising activities. How you edit the content of your site will not change at all.

Does VLYBY provide personal support?

One of our experienced technical account managers is always available to provide the best assistance and resources 24/7. Just email us.

Does VLYBY technology rely on cookies or other personal user data?

VLYBY works with a cookieless technology. We do not collect, store and process any personal user data. Our solutions work across all devices, without the use of cookies or any other personal user data.

Does VLYBY have a privacy policy?

Yes, to read VLYBY’s privacy policy click here.

What are VLYBY's conditions for participation?

There are no general requirements for our core features. For video monetization features we recommend your websites have a minimum of 10,000 page views per day.

What website does VLYBY work with?

VLYBY works with digital publishers from all content verticals. These are e.g. home & garden, automotive, sports, travel, food & drink,health, entertainment, technology, lifestyle, education, family, and more.

Our platform is adaptive and built for a variety of sites: niche sites, reference sites, blogs, independent publishers, evergreen content, news sites,online application sites, web-based tools, big brands like, and more.

How is VLYBY implemented to my website?

You can include the VLYBY script tag directly to your website (e.g. above <body> tag) or deliver and position it through a tag manager / adserver.</body>

Will visitors see a lot of ads?

Our video ads only play when in view and are always muted by default, respecting the user. You chose where to position the video player and you control the frequency of advertisement.

How Do I start using Q.Ad Video Player?

Setting up the Q.Ad takes less than 5 minutes after the integration of VLYBY to your website.

  1. Create a configuration (e.g. by domain or device).
  2. Configure Q.Ad Player with VAST-URL or chose Prebid integration.
  3. Make sure your ads.txt entries are updated.
  4. Start to participate from programmatic video budgets.